New Year, New Website

26 December 2023 by
Alex Bell

If you are reading this then you are now on our new website. It might look similar to the old one, but under the hood it's a beast!

First off, it's faster, much faster, which should improve your experience viewing and ordering with us. Secondly, finding products is much easier, from almost all product screens is an integrated and advanced search engine designed to get you results quickly.

The biggest change (for us) is what goes on behind the scenes. All orders are now put straight into the manufacturing software, accounting software and sales. This makes it so much easier for us to schedule work, plan based on stock and provide you with timely updates and progress. The delivery system has now been ramped up with key emails and documents sent directly to you with planned delivery dates and pickup dates.

For you as a customer, you now have a comprehensive customer portal where you can track your orders. You can see when orders have been scheduled for production and when we expect to deliver them. You can communicate directly on an order so keeping everything in one place. You don't even need to login to the portal, just reply directly to emails and they will been assigned to the order for viewing when you login in. How awesome is that!

Not wanting to dampen the excitement, a massive move like this is going to come with a few gremlins. We have been running this system simultaneously to catch them before we "switch over" on 1st January 2024, however we have a feeling there may be a few still hiding somewhere, so please bare with us whilst we track them down. If you find them before us, we'll give you some extra pixels to spend on discounts!

Here's to another great year, for you and for us!

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Alex Bell 26 December 2023
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